Jeep Cherokee vs Ford Escape

It seems more and more models crop up in the midsize SUV segment each year. Competition is fierce, yet tried-and-true options like the Cherokee and Escape continue to stand out. Thanks to innovative technology and everyday usability, these SUVs are effortlessly appealing to many around Cullman, Birmingham, and Jasper, AL. So, how would a Jeep Cherokee vs. Ford Escape comparison turn out? You’ll have the answer at the end of this article.

Our Bill Penney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram family is always working to make research easy. We think this comparison offers great insight into the Cherokee and Escape!

Cherokee vs Escape: Maximum Horsepower and Torque

Ford and Jeep know how to ramp up performance in their models. If you want the usability of an SUV, but also clamor for an enjoyable on-road experience, these 2021 vehicles have strong available engines. The Jeep is the stronger of the two, though.

A 2.0L Turbo engine is offered in the Cherokee, reaching 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. You can also outfit the Cherokee with a 3.2L V6 engine, measuring 271 horsepower and 239 lb-ft of torque.

The strongest offering in the Escape lineup is a punchy 2.0L engine reaching 250 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Cherokee vs Escape: Maximum Towing Capacity

Planning on using your 2021 Cherokee or 2021 Escape for towing purposes? As with performance, each of these models is capable and strong, yet the Cherokee outperforms the Escape.

If you want to do towing with your Escape, the available 2.0L engine is your best bet. With it, you can tow as much as 3,500 pounds when properly equipped. That 3,500-pound figure bests the towing capacity of the standard Cherokee 2.4L engine, which reaches just 2,000 pounds when properly equipped. However, both available engines in the Jeep are stronger than the Ford Escape’s maximum towing capacity:

  • 2.0L Turbo engine of the Cherokee can tow up to 4,000 pounds when properly equipped
  • 3.2L V6 engine of the Cherokee can tow up to 4,500 pounds when properly equipped

Cherokee vs Escape: Off-Roading Ability

Jeep has built the reputation of its entire brand on a devotion to capability and adventure. If you’re choosing an SUV like the Cherokee, you’ll have a companion which can travel off-road just as comfortably as it does on-road. The Escape pales in comparison.

While the Ford SUV comes in an available all-wheel drive setup, Jeep lets you choose between three highly advanced and innovative arrangements:

  • Jeep Active Drive 4×4 System
  • Jeep Active Drive II 4×4 System
  • Jeep Active Drive Lock 4×4 System

The Jeep Active Drive 4×4 System automatically moves to 4-wheel drive if sensors detect slippage in any wheel. Active Drive II comes with helpful off-roading features, such as 2-speed power transfer unit torque management and a 4-Low mode. Finally, the top Jeep Active Drive Lock 4×4 System is loaded with a rear locker and a Selec-Terrain® Traction Management System.

Jeep Cherokee vs Ford Escape: Cherokee Is the 2021 Model of Choice

The Jeep Cherokee is a delightful SUV for trips on- or off-road around Cullman, Jasper, and Birmingham, Alabama. The large stock of Cherokee SUVs we have in store at Bill Penney CDJR makes finding your preferred variant simple too.