New vs Used Cars

The new car vs. pre-owned car question is one of the first you’ll have to answer when beginning the car-shopping process. When you look at it, there are advantages to both options. At Bill Penney CDJR, we have a host of new and pre-owned models you can explore from the comfort of your home.

To help ensure you’ll land the right type of vehicle, we’ve created this new vs. pre-owned comparison. While neither option is definitively better than the other, you may personally prefer a new or a pre-owned car after learning about the benefits of each!

Benefits of a New Car

There’s just something about a brand-new car that captures people’s attention. The clean and crisp interior, that new-car smell, an odometer that hasn’t even reached triple digits yet—the allure of a new vehicle is strong for many drivers. Opting for a new car also means you’ll have a long and bright future to look forward to. With proper service over the years, a new model can certainly last in excess of a decade.

You can spec-out a new car any way you’d like, too. With trim levels, packages, and accessories, you’ll leave the lot with a model that’s tailor-made for your personality. You’ll also benefit from the very latest in features and technologies. So, safety, performance, and infotainment are all on the cutting edge.

Benefits of a Used Car

You’ll have a near-endless number of choices if you’re in the market for a pre-owned car. Even if you settle on the exact model you want, you’ll then get to pick which model year is your favorite. This makes a difference, too, since manufacturers regularly alter their vehicles with each turn of the calendar. So, comparing the same model from 2017 to one from 2019 often means differences in features, specifications, and more. The styling may have been altered over time as well.

Used cars also offer tremendous reliability. Because it has been out on the roads for multiple years and other people have driven the car, you can quickly and easily see data about how that particular model holds up over time.

When considering a pre-owned vehicle from our dealership, we’ll provide you with its vehicle history report. That way, you can learn about the previous owner (or owners), find out if the vehicle has been in any accidents, see which types of services the car has received over time, and much more.

So, Should You Go With a New or Used Car?

Really, the new vs. pre-owned car debate is all about personal preference. Either way, you can find a reliable and enjoyable model. If having the newest safety features and the latest in-cabin technologies is appealing to you, a new car may be the right fit. On the other hand, a pre-owned car may appeal to you because it has a personality that isn’t offered in any brand-new vehicles.

Whichever way you decide to go for your next ride near Birmingham, Sumiton or Cullman, consider the new and pre-owned inventories at Bill Penney CDJR!

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